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Overall Tenderness

Vika and Dima's



Each wedding we hold has its own energy and special mood. Vika and Dima's wedding was tender, warm and filled with sincere feelings. A couple who found a piece of themselves in each other.

In this couple, a unity was formed, where She and He are Personalities with their own individual approach, tastes and preferences. The highlight that shaped the main vision of the wedding was the opposite of Vika and Dima. All decorative elements were depicted in rectangular and circular shapes. The intersection of these two figures created an incredible picture: a combination of round and rectangular tables with opposite flower arrangements on them; round name cards on rectangular tables and vice versa.

The magic of figures was in every element of the decor and created an incredible visual effect in the ceremony area, where a delicate floral arrangement and the very symbols of the couple - copper-pink shapes of a circle and a rectangle - were intertwined. It was this color scheme that was the main one in the design of the wedding: appliances, bowls, frames of flower arrangements and even the laconic copper-pink outline of the wedding cake were in tandem with the curly stylistics. The ceremony, held by a close friend of the couple in the warm July sun, was a particularly touching and magical moment of creating a new family.

This is a story of the most tender feelings and sincere true love. The story of Vika and Dima.

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