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12 000 $

​we are brave. we are strong. we are free. we are Ukrainians

лого агентства Love Agency

Love Agency is not just a wedding agency, it is a family.

And like every family, we have our own guidelines.

We believe in the power of love and  in the meaning inherent in our name.

L — love          O — organization          V — value          E — energy


We are a solid team

of professionals

From the first meeting, we are inspired by our couples and help to realize all their wishes and dreams. Competently combining work care and clarity, understanding and responsibility.

It is important for us that our clients enjoy the holiday,

enjoy all its details. We love our work and know how

to create beauty in an organized way.

Love Agency

Wedding organization

This is when the wedding is smiles, hugs, happiness and warmth. This is when love comes first. This is when you

are the bride and we are your wedding planner.

We will develop for you an original wedding style, offer design options, select the ideal location, help you choose the menu, control the serving, organize a heart-to-heart ceremony, offer options for hosts, music, show programs, recommend the best photographers and videographers, original entertainment and treats for guests.

We will do everything to make your wedding special

and happy. To be remembered as the most beautiful

and romantic. Preparation for it will be the most pleasant and easy.

Organization of weddings is not only a job, it is our life, our love, our vocation. We really appreciate the opportunity

to become a part of something so beautiful!

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Wedding day coordination

Coordination of the wedding day is an absolute must have!

If you have already done a lot for your holiday: agreed with a restaurant, determined a place for the ceremony, found a magical decorator and florist, photographer, videographer and host, the script and timing of the holiday is ready,

as well as all other important details ...

Do you want to enjoy the holiday fully and see the happy eyes of your loved ones?

Then we will be happy to help you, and we will take care

of all the worries on this day! We will lock all the contacts

on ourselves and make your wedding day the easiest and happiest in your life! We want your hands to shake with

awe in anticipation of a miracle, not with the excitement

of coordinating your Wedding day!

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Love Agency
o nas


years of experience





Maria Nikolaichuk
managing partner
L.O.V.E. — the most romantic and consonant
4 letters.
Love inspires and makes us perform feats and insane acts. To create, inspire and make your holiday unforgettable — has become the goal of our LOVE Agency.

We very carefully and carefully select a team
of professionals for each couple and are confident that everyone will be 100% satisfied with the result!

What are troubles and care for you is pleasant and favorite work for me!
Love Agency
Love Agency


Love Agency


Love Agency


Love Agency


Love Agency


Our values:


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