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Valeria and Denis's



We can talk endlessly about this wedding! From the first meeting, we realized how strong the love and energy of the bride and groom is. This is a wedding with a high level of service and a special emotional atmosphere.

This is the case when the newlyweds are as responsible as possible about the wedding day and incredibly value their loved ones and wanted to give guests and themselves a wonderful holiday and convey the atmosphere of love as much as possible.

It was with great pleasure that we talked over all the nuances with the couple, held 17 working meetings and perfected all the documentation to perfection. In the process of preparation, we carefully chose the venue for the wedding, the catering service that will serve the event, the group's track list, the script and all timings, adjusted the menu and the layout at the location. And this is all despite the fact that the couple has a very busy work schedule and they rarely visited Ukraine, everything so that their guests relax and fully enjoy the event

This is a couple, the incredible energy of which was transferred and the wedding itself will remain in our hearts for a long time!
Love Agency
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