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Fusion Wedding

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Natasha and Andrey's




Natasha and Andrey's wedding is cozy and intimate. This is a dinner for the closest ones, with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Wine tasting, exquisite music and treats were provided for the guests. Instead of a standard program with toasts, we developed an individual scenario for the evening, and the presenter acted more as a moderator, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The ceremony is always a little magic, but that evening there was also magic - the harsh downpour ended exactly 10 minutes before the start (the entire ceremony area was decorated with hundreds of candles and lanterns) and began 15 minutes after. Small drops of rain, like tiny crystals, took part in the whole composition and created beauty and coziness, especially when all the guests, together with the couple, watched the video that the bride presented to the groom after exchanging rings.

Love Agency
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