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Natalia and Philippe wedding

Love Agency

Natalia and Philippe's



A very strong wedding. We worked with such joy with Natasha and Philippe, falling in love forever with their love.

Since the groom is French, we saw Philippe only at the wedding, but, nevertheless, we understood each other perfectly.

From the first glance, you can see how much they love, support and understand each other. They are truly the perfect couple. And we are happy to be a part of their history.

The script was non-classical: after the ceremony, we continued the buffet for the guests, filling it with a cover band performance and new snacks, and during the banquet Natasha and Philippe were sitting at a large table with their close friends. The ceremony itself was very cozy and family-like, especially since a little son took part in it. Like the atmosphere of the whole wedding, one could feel unity, lightness and happiness for the lovers.

Love Agency
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