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Love Agency

Nastya and Zhora's



One of the special weddings. We aimed to show the special new world of our bride and groom. Introduce their hobbies, favorite songs, things. Show them through script and design. Guide guests through the love story of the bride and groom. Something to surprise, somewhere to charm, something to make you smile.

The atmosphere and location were unusual for a classic wedding: new pleasant surprises, entertainment and treats were always waiting for the guests. The seating chart, the script, the treats, everything made sense. We handed out interactive bracelets to guests that lit up with color at the highlights of the holiday. In addition, we hid several memorable items for the couple at the location, finding which the guests guessed why this particular item is important for the newlyweds or listened to a story about it.

Be sure to look at the detailed saved stories on Instagram for this wedding, there is something to be pleasantly surprised at.

As a result of long and fruitful preparation, a very eventful and interesting holiday full of unexpected pleasures turned out.

Love Agency

Elena and Alejandro's wedding

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