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Ksenia and Shami's


The heart of every wedding is love. Its peculiarity is in a pair of lovers, in the bride and groom, in their history.

This is a wedding about the bride and groom, about their cultures and hobbies, about their personalities. She is stylish and versatile, He is gallant and decent. They are both demanding and intelligent, in love and harmonious in each other.

Our task was to combine many elements from different universes into an integral system, to assemble an ideal picture from thousands of different parts. Which succeeded even better than expected.

Plaster busts were used at the ceremony, and giant eclectic chandeliers of metal and crystals were created. In the Moroccan lounge zone, hearts were lit and candles and lamps were burning, guests could enjoy the lights lying on pillows and carpets, listening to the melodious singing of living birds.

The evening was complemented by the musical format of the holiday, which combined three directions: Indian spicy culture, the melody of Ukrainian folklore and modern dance music.

Everything created a special mood and atmosphere.

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