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Sugar Lake Wedding 

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Ksyusha and Bastian's



When we first met the bride, we immediately knew that the wedding should be special. Just the one we love very much - with a non-standard scenario, in a new location, sincere and beautiful. And it's not scary that there were only two weeks left before the wedding. We confidently set about organizing it: a menu with three changes of dishes and a dessert was approved, supplemented by a grill station and a tea and coffee bar, a wine tasting for guests with one of the best somiers in Kiev was planned, the concept of wedding decoration was thought out to the smallest detail, a musical filling the party, preparing a real tree for planting and much more.

As a result, the wedding went well, remembered with all its beauty and soul.

A few weeks later, we learned that we were going to organize another wedding party for this fiery couple in the bride's hometown, Odessa. See for yourself, videos and photos and share your impressions.

Love Agency
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