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Love Agency

Inna and Zhenya's



This is really the wedding that would like to last forever. The atmosphere was captivating with its comfort, juiciness and unexpected pleasant surprises. At each musical break, the guests were provided with something new: either a berry station, or a barman show, or souvenirs from Inna and Zhenya. The wine list was carefully thought out, taking into account the menu, the script, complemented by an aperitif and a digestive at the end of the evening. And besides, a whiskey corner with cigars was prepared for true connoisseurs. Snacks, treats, the main menu was exquisite and non-standard. The music changed, directing the mood of the guests along a pleasant sine wave from joy to romance, from dancing to the lounge.

Energy, smiles, sincerity and, of course, love are the main accents of this wedding.

Love Agency
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