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Fox Raccoon Happy Wedding


Anya and Kolya's



It was a special wedding, a special day filled with tenderness, fun, lights and love! A holiday of love, harmony, light and such tender emotions of our beautiful Kolya and Anya.

We will always remember every minute of this wonderful day: the sincere atmosphere, the magical image of the bride, the trembling excitement of the groom, the amazing ceremony conducted by a close friend of Anna and Nikolai, the groom's oath, which touched even the most staunch guests, the non-standard arrangement of tables, collective dances under rain, table football, table tennis, piñata, the most sincere congratulations from parents and friends that guests left on the kite - so many special details that made the holiday truly homely, cozy and amazing!
We revise the photo over and over again to remember all the moments of this miracle.

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