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True Italian wedding

Love Agency

Anna and Alexei's



When love is truly strong, sincere, it truly blooms in the hearts of two lovers. Anya and Lesha are sunny and real. A couple in which everything is harmonious: beauty, charisma, refined taste and subtle humor. And their bright and light wedding became a dream come true with an Italian motive. ⠀


Creating a special holiday for Anya and Lesha, we focused on the warm atmosphere, adding bright Italian notes. The peculiarity was to create an Italian patio in a windowless room. The walls were decorated with threads of light and delicate branches of greenery. To complete the picture and immerse the guests in the patio italiano, we made a 3D projection on a 25-meter wall depicting Italian landscapes. ⠀


The decor used greenery, lemons and sun-yellow floral arrangements. The beautiful wood texture of one and the delicate velvety texture of the rest of the banquet tables created a very warm and beautiful picture. Gold-white chairs, sharp lines of decorative elements, graceful gold underpads and contrasting textiles, candles and sunny flowers - all this created a delightful atmosphere and sophistication. ⠀


The unusual seating also symbolized Italy. Each table was named a specific wine region of the country. And this is not surprising, because the couple is fond of wine, and the guests presented this noble drink to the newlyweds as gifts. Bottles with Limoncello became a small pleasant surprise for the guests. ⠀


One of the specialties of this wedding was the zoning of the location. Each was unique: a delightful welcome, a ceremony area filled with retro sofas and chairs, a wine bar, a photo area decorated with bunches of ripe grapes. Two lounge areas - for seniors and senoritas, as well as a location with Italian straw hats. ⠀

There were many bacio, bacio hugs, love and congratulations on this day! In one word: "Evviva gli sposi"! 

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