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I will give you all the world

Alexandra and Vladislav's



This story is about a fairytale prince and a beautiful princess, about their great love and a beautiful wedding
Alexandra and Vladislav are in love, gentle, they have their own magical world for two. We brought it to reality, showed it in colors and decor.

We wanted to take the guests to this world, to a forest fairy tale, where dreams come to life. Thus, the main accent was an almost real tree, which we created right in the middle of the banquet area, from which hundreds of lanterns and lights fell. Compositions of exotic flowers and greenery, delicate eclecticism in decor and a rich program. Music on the forest edge, lights on crystal pendants among the pine trees, sparkling show of fire in the evening and love. All this created a special atmosphere.
It turned out really fabulous!

Особенности празднования:

  • роскошная живописная локация
    за городом

  • полное закрытие комплекса
    с рестораном, комфортными
    коттеджами и террасой 
    на Днепре

  • счастливый праздник под дождем

  • топ-команда

  • динамическая и эмоциональная программа вечера

  • празднование 2-го дня в формате бранча в кругу друзей

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