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Irbis Wedding

Love Agency

Nastya and Sasha's




We say boldly - this is one of the brightest weddings of 2015: a colorful landscape, luscious decorations, joyful, cheerful, light air of a holiday - the very day that happens only once.

The families of the bride and groom helped the agency with all their strength and soul in preparation, bringing in the colors of Odessa, the atmosphere of an Italian family, the spirit of youth and ideas with a slight madness, so often missing by everyone, which added a special color and comfort to the wedding day.

We are happy to see the loving and cheerful eyes of the bride and groom, joyful, a little moved - moms and dads, guests and everyone with whom we worked that day - this is the best reward.

Several exclusive dishes were prepared for the guests of Nastya and Sasha's wedding: oysters from the Mediterranean itself, and a variety of exquisite cheeses, sauces, jamon, prosciutto, salami and, of course, champagne, carefully worried by the groom's stepfather from Italy. The program was non-standard and fascinating: live music transferred them to their favorite Italian and French films, guests at any time could feel like the characters of "Alice in Wonderland" - take lessons or fight the bride's father in his favorite cricket, play with the "star" of the evening - the beloved dog of the newlyweds Irbis or with the cheerful and serious Ledik, try colorful candy and salt bars, the decor of which would be the envy of a kind composition of Renaissance artists, and take away the most important thing - feelings and emotions about this unforgettable, beautiful, beautiful holiday of love and warmth ...

Love Agency
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